Cornerstone Youth Church

Olivia is 23 years old and having been raised in church all her life came through young peolle church herself. She now leads the youth with dedication under the helpful guidance of Pastors Rob and Stephanie who also contribute from time to time. Our young people must appreciate how important they are to the church and to society not some time in the future but Right Now.

Our young people aged between 12 and 17 years meet each Sunday in the lounge while the family service happens in he main hall at the Bethel.

Outside of church times they are never more than a phone call or a Whatsapp message away from help and wise council.

The one thing that is difficult to break is the human spirit and especially that of a young person. The Bible teaches that  "two are better than one" so we aim to be available for our youth. To team up with them and help them overcome the issues that we faced at their age and that are much harder for them now.  The verses from the Bible go on to say  "two are better than one and a threefold cord is not easily broken"  We understand this "two" to mean two people, for example a husband and wife, or two good friends, or a teacher and his student, and the third part of the "threefold cord" we accept as God.

Therefore it is our duty and privilege whenever we can to lead others to a knowledge of God through Jesus Christ. We have seen young lives changes for the better and for ever because they accepted Jesus as Lord and Saviour. We want, more than anything, our young people to come to know Him and to find His purpose for their lives.

We believe God has a plan for every young person. However modern society can put pressure on them pushing them into relationships too early. Particularly in these days where there is a constant barrage from the media it is important that our children are given time to mature and select the right partner rather than go through a series of trial and error experiments.

Every broken relationship leaves a scar and we hope to protect them as far as possible from the difficulties that can result. That is not to say mistakes will never be made and our young people can be assured that they will always find acceptance and a new start in God.

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