About Us

The church is made up of believers of all ages and backgrounds and quite frankly some quite diverse outlooks on life in general and Christianity in particular. We don't make a big deal about the peripherals like which Bible translation people read or whether they raise their hands in worship, speak in tongues or not, whether the ladies cover their heads to pray or prophesy or not, we are just glad they do pray and prophesy. What we do care about is the pillars of the faith without which it is not possible to be a Christian... we note them briefly here but go into them more deeply under the tab 'What We Believe'

the pillars of Christianity are...

1. God became man and dwelled among us

2. He lived a sinless life even though He was tempted in every way we are

3. Died a sacrificial death on a cross to pay the price of sin for all mankind

4. He rose again three days later because death had no power over Him.

We also believe He is coming again for His church very soon.

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