Meet the Pastor

Jesus Christ changes lives. No one can truly meet Him and stay the way they are. We all have a different story to tell...different we come to find God and what He does in our lives makes each of us unique. What really matters though, is that we do find Him although as Pastor Rob says in the testimony, it is really God who finds us, He was not the one who was lost, we were.  

All of us together make the Kingdom of God on earth such a wonderful place to be. After more than 30 years Pastors Rob and Steppy will tell you that Jesus excites them more than ever.  God is always doing new things as the last chapter of the Book of Acts is still being written. Sometimes it is good to remind ourselves of all that He has already done in our lives. Rob was invited into the studio of Barrat Ministries and interviewd for Barratt TV's Passing Through Series. Joanna Barratt is a skillfull interviewer and she certainly brought out some great memories of Pastor Rob's journey so far.

Of course there are many of Pastor Rob's messages under the Sermons tab on this website along with the thoughts of many others of our regular and guest speakers. There is also a church podcast which can be found in the app under Hindley Green Family Church

Pastor is also a businessman and his thoughts on other matters can be found on his own blog at


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